How We Work


Cnvrgnc at its core, is a design thinking company.  Interdisciplinary in its approach, it is part marketing firm, part innovation lab and part business consultancy. Committed to providing value, our goal is to understand our clients' business development challenges and work with them to identify solutions.    The goal is breakthrough brand performance that is both aesthetic and elegant, while incorporating the best aspects of each client’s cultural values. 

As a business, we develop solutions around three constants we find present in all communities: business, technology, and culture.  Cnvrgnc discretely examines each of these areas, analyzes their 'flow' and measures the interplay between them. From this approach we are able to smartly tailor unique client solutions.  The end result is remarkable products, services, and customer experiences.  

Cnvrgnc has a distinctive approach to its work. With today's business environment being atypical, it demands fresh thinking. With a strong interest in the ingredients that drive creative and prosperous outcomes, our experience and expertise in  community development, strategy, design, marketing and communications allow us to serve an unusually diverse project portfolio. Cross-pollination is what makes Cnvrgnc unique. We understand and leverage the new hybridization between disciplines and industries, finding uncommon solutions for our clients, which keep them agile in this rapidly changing business landscape.

To learn more about the solutions that we provide, see out our case studies