The 7 Principles


In our opinion 'new ideas' are passé.  What you want is creative interpretation and great execution.  Cnvrgnc has developed 7 principles that drive our thinking as we develop the brand identities of our clients.  These principles are the DNA of who we are and our approach to work and play.

1. Think at the intersection, not outside the box

2. Identify the trends by recognizing the patterns

3. Understand the whole by knowing the parts

4. Ask excellent questions, the right way

5. Create scenarios that are "both-and" not "either-or"

6. Be creative in your thinking, disciplined in your action

7. When on the verge, persist and surrender


Want to carry around this for on-hand inspiration?  Download the cnvrgnc book of principles as a PDF.  (Copyright 2009 Vosica, LLC.)