What We Do

Products and Services

Cnvrgnc has a dual approach in terms of the value we offer to our clients.

Our first approach is a framework we call Community as Product(CAP), which is a marketing hybrid that combines the principles of brand strategy with the characteristics of today’s networked economy. Using this approach we help  develop  meaningful customer and brand experiences by building and/or engaging ‘communities’ that serve as the entry point to value driven products, services and experiences.

CAP's focus:

    • Experience Design   • Brand Performance    • Community Building                             


The second approach will see Cnvrgnc using a method that helps businesses and organizations to better understand social and communities. Using a tool we call the Social Gradient (SG), our focus will be on creating better insights on how social groups interact, connect, and engage with one another, in addition to a whole host of other analysis possibilities. In a marketplace where traditional marketing frameworks are proving less effective, the SG  allows you to ‘see’ your landscape in a way that's in alignment with a digital landscape.  

 The SG's focus:

 • Marketing Communications    • Community Engagement    • Social Strategies