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Global Youth Development and Leadership Training

“Enabling the youth to create cross-cultural bonds one voyage at a time

Global Leaders for the Future

BondVoyage is the brainchild of a leading edge thinker in K-12 education. His passion lies in creating programs focused on developing 21st century computer skills for disadvantaged youth. Highly motivated and committed his concern focuses on the future success of DC public school high school students.   His goal is to create a global leadership program aimed at Junior and Senior level high school students focusing on three areas:  cultural literacy, technological competency, and global leadership.  The goals of BondVoyage are to help high school Juniors and Seniors better understand their own culture as it relates to the global community, develop global leadership skills, and help them acquire an understanding of global issues as it relates to health, education, the environment and economics.


BondVoyage was an incredible concept with enormous potential.  There were two main issues: 1. The program had to compete with a number of already existing global leadership programs.  2. The programmatic side of BondVoyage was developed but there was no plan in place to actually move the idea forward. BondVoyage had its curriculum developed, but there was no strategy to effectively present the program to schools, businesses, and potential partnering organizations.  DC public schools needed to see the relevance of the program and strategic partners needed to know why it was important for them to support it. 


Cnvrgnc brought to the table first hand knowledge of international education and work issues allowing us to develop an effective marketing strategy that would highlight how BondVoyage would differentiate itself from other existing global leadership programs in the district.  This led to talking points for presenters who would be discussing the program with members from the DC Public School System as well as strategic partners.  The value proposition would be a cutting edge after school program with its travel abroad component focusing on the emerging markets of China and India.  Skill sets development for students would be oriented around technology, leadership and cross-cultural competency.