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It's crazy how. . .

Things really are!!

Ok. . . some of you may have read my previous post, Experiences: Where the Wild Things should be. Now my blog post was based on a Creativity Magazine article written by Tali Krakowsky. After I read her article and how she likened the movie (Where the Wild Things Are) to space and design, it really got me thinking about space, design and experience in a very different light. 

So I'm loving the article right, and I'm thinking to myself "you know what, let me find out more about Tali Krakowsky.  I do a little Googling and come to find out she was the former Director of Experience Design at Imaginary Forces (one of my favorite companies in the world!). For those of you have never heard of Imaginary Forces. . .click the hyperlink and check them out! I can only explain what they do in two words: the sickness. 

Next I find out she is the current Director of WET.  The design company who did the iconic water fountains at the Bellagio in Vegas; and I grew up in sin city, so this lil' tidbit of information becomes that much cooler. 

Ok, so now I'm thinking it would be cool to connect with her, not only because she wrote a kick ass article, but because I'm totally diggin' her workplaces of choice. But what are the chances of that?!  WET is in L.A. I'm in DC. I don't know her.  She doesn't know me. We have NO shared colleagues or business contacts, at all. But I said what the hell, I'll try anyway. 

I find out she has a linkedin profile and I send a shout out to her. I tell her I liked the article, I reposted it on my blog and thanks for the inspiration.  Now if any of you have ever sent out messages, or tried to reach out to someone who wasn't your friend on linkedin, then you know that someone responding to you may happen after a few days, maybe months or sometimes never.  Low and behold, Tali hits me back after 10 minutes! (holy cow!!). She's really engaging with just the 3 sentences she writes in response to me as well.

Now this is the killer right here...

She writes back a second message about 5 minutes later saying "Oh you're in DC! I'm there next weekend for some meetings. We should get together for coffee or drinks, let me know."

Wow! Are you kidding me?!

The lesson here ladies and gents. . .blog, don't give up on linkedin, reach out, take a chance, (and practice being lucky). You just never know what's going to happen. . .

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