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Do they see value?

As you continuously develop your business strategy and position your brand to make an impact in the market you should never lose sight of one fundamental business concept:

Do your customers or clients see the value of what your product or service offers?

Its that simple.  No need to go into a diatribe.  No need for an hour explanation.  No need for a 10 page report on the pros and cons of what you are offering the market. A simple statement or short paragraph stating what it is that makes your offering highly valuable in the eyes of the market will pretty much do the trick. 

You can twitter until your fingers fall off.  You can link to a hundred social sites.  You can blog till the cows come home but if you can't clearly show what you are offering as something that people need, want or desire (and will pay for it) then you are just spinning your wheels.

With the country firmly entrenched in a recession, businesses letting employees go, and companies hunkering down in these uncertain times,  creative ideas of high value potential will be that shining star in a gloomy environment where that silver lining seems unfindable.

Now in a climate such as this, getting the ears of folks who are only concerned with "survival" vs looking at how to position themselves for the future, can be challenging, but again if you know you have a product or service that you know people will want (especially in these times) then it all becomes a matter of when.  And funny enough as it is, even when you have an incredible offering that clearly has high market potential some folks are just slow to pick up on things.  That's why you definitely should be aware of the marathoner idea. Now if you understand this as well then you have a huge chunk of the battle won and you will be well on your way. . . .

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