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Sometimes when you hear truth, it strikes a chord. It's real. It's palpable. It's felt deep within the pit of your stomach. It's as if someone took your exact thoughts, your emotions and feelings and gave them words. This is how I felt when I came across the below video from the clothing company Black Scale.

Being an entrepreneur, day in and day out you fight with ups and downs, progress and setbacks, clarity and uncertainty. With that on the table, the ongoing reality is that right now, at this very moment, somewhere, someplace, there is an idea, struggling to live, to survive, to see another day.  It fights because it feels it has something to offer. Something to contribute. A value to share with the world.

The success of that idea depends on the tenacity of its creators. Their persistance. Their ability to effectively navigate an environment with innumerable moving parts. Not to mention pushing on when giving up would seem to be much easier. Sometimes it's simply about the sheer size of the hunger inside and the ability to push on when there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

On infinite levels truth is valuable. Truth is freeing. Truth is necessary.

Black Scale...thank you.


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